URETEK Holdings is a geotechnical construction company that specializes in foundation leveling, soil stabilization, chemical grouting and sewer rehabilitation. 


URETEK provides commercial and industrial building owners with a soil stabilization solution that helps rehabilitate, stabilize, lift, and level building foundations. Our process is non-intrusive and can be performed with no interruption to business operations…Read More


URETEK offers Governments a soil stabilization solution that is cost-effective and that rehabilitates underground infrastructure and foundations, extending their useful lives for many years…. Read More


URETEK has over 30 years of experience and performs hundreds of home foundation lifting and repair projects annually.  We specialize in stabilizing the loose soils that cause foundation settlement and foundation misalignment.. Read More


URETEK offers fast, no-excavation methods that seal cracks and leaks on degraded infrastructure,  saving significant operational downtime.


Our rigid structural polymers are hydro-insensitive and are perfect for no-excavation, subsurface barrier walls for environmental containment and contaminant migration control


URETEK’s proprietary injection process quickly stabilizes subsoil and levels foundations for residential and commercial properties.


Continual rainfall and water movement can severely degrade drainage systems.  URETEK’s structural polymers stabilize the subsoil and seal the structures without excavation.


URETEK quickly stabilizes, levels and lifts rail lines and rail beds with little-to-no interruption to train routes or operations.


Because URETEK’s process often requires no excavation or cure-time, we can quickly respond and strategically stabilize nearly any sized emergency situation.

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